“I help people in tourism & hospitality to be more confident in sales & social media – to achieve better results.”

Meet Becky

Hi I’m Becky, Director of People Buy People.

I have 25 years’ experience within the Tourism and Hospitality sector in a variety of revenue and sales roles, and free lance for Airports, Restaurants, Bars, Leisure Clubs, Public Sector, Hotels and more. As the name of my company suggests, I believe that ‘People Buy People’. So in order to help you buy into me, my skills and what I am like to work with, I decided to share with you my ‘Personal Brand statement’. This was devised following feedback from my peers, clients, work colleagues, family and friends.


“I am true to my word and will always do what I say I’m going to do. I put myself in other people’s shoes to gain the best understanding possible of their business and needs.”

“I am motivated by making a difference to the people and businesses I work for and am proud when this is achieved and recognised. I am known for not only getting the job done, but often going ‘above and beyond’ what is expected; treating other people’s businesses as if they were my own.”

“My personality is warm and friendly – living the ‘People Buy People’ brand, wherever possible. My honesty often leads others to open up to me in return. I have a talent for developing others by uncovering how people like to learn.”

“I can analyse situations from all angles and I am very methodical leaving no stone unturned. I then use my knowledge to offer alternative and often unique solutions that enable businesses to stand out from the crowd.”


Chat to me about your social media challenges & I’ll give you some pointers on how you can improve your confidence & results on Facebook or Instagram.

If you want to discuss how I can help you further, then that’s great, but no hard sell here!


Are My Services Right For You?


Before spending lots of money on marketing to generate more sales leads, the first thing I encourage clients to look at are the systems, sales processes and people they already have in place. Are you really happy with all of these aspects as they currently stand?

Do the leads you receive not only convert into actual business but also maximise revenue AND encourage repeat business?

Here’s how I can help…


  • Mystery Calls & audits
  • Coaching
  • Training
  • Competitor Analysis

Prices From £50

Specialising in Enquiry Handling & Converting Enquiries into Sales

Social Media

Social Media is like an online version of your physical shop window and needs to be treated as such.

Do you reach your ideal customer, post the right content, receive engagement, awareness and gain physical sales from what you produce?

Here’s how I can help…

Social Media

  • Audits
  • Ideas & Recommendations
  • Coaching & Training
  • Plans & Strategy
  • Short term management

Prices From £99

Specialising in new openings


Contact Me

Contact me for a no strings chat about your business and how I can help you. You can use the contact form below, or email me on Beckyleach@pbpconsultancy.co.uk

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