You don’t have to be Del Boy!

You don’t have to be Del Boy!

If I had a pound for everyone that told me “I am not a sales person” or “I don’t do sales” I would indeed be rich. I believe everyone out there has the ability to be a sales person and I don’t mean the pushy in your face, ‘Del Boy’ image you might have in your head! You know more than you think and at the very least have the foundations for what a good sales person needs to be.

All you need to do is think about your own sales experiences and interactions, whether it is when buying something small like a cupcake, something expensive like a car or something within the tourism industry like a bedroom, conference room or dinner. You know when you have had a bad experience and when you have had a good one, right?

When I ask this question in sales training session’s people do tend to give me more bad examples than good, but there tends to be a theme to what I am told.

The main words and phrases that came out of a recent session were:

Bad – I felt pressurised, they were too pushy, they didn’t listen to me, they didn’t ask what I wanted or why, they just used standard sales patter, they didn’t seem interested, they were too busy, they were rude, they patronised me….

Good – They really took the time to understand my requirements, they made me feel special, they bent over backwards to accommodate me, they asked lots of questions and listened properly to my answers, they cared, they did what they said, they were interested in me as a person, they went the extra mile….

So there you have it the above is the basis of what you should and should not do in Sales! Try adopting some of the good and getting rid of some of the bad in your sales interactions with customers.

Why not chat with colleagues or family and friends and ask them about their good and bad sales experiences and don’t forget to include your own?

Need inspiration?

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