5 ways hospitality businesses can create more engagement on Facebook

5 ways hospitality businesses can create more engagement on Facebook

So, what the heck is engagement on Facebook?

“In its basic form engagement is any likes, comments, shares, post clicks etc you get on your posts.”

It’s arguably more important than reach because it means your followers are actually interested in what you have to say & they want to get involved in the conversation. The more they interact, the more the Facebook algorithm kicks in & the more they see your future posts.

Engaging posts should be part of your weekly schedule, here are some ideas that I’ve found effective in creating good engagement:

1. Caption This

Have you got some snaps, or can you take some unusual photos of the team whilst completing certain activities? Anything you think might make a good caption competition.

I.e. Dressed up around Halloween or Christmas or specific days of the year such as Red Nose Day. Flipping pancakes on Pancake Day, holding unusual objects or ingredients, the team just larking around, singing, dancing etc.

Then simply ask your followers to comment with a caption. You can do this just for fun or for something small like a free drink or piece of cake! Interact with the captions too commenting on the good ones & reacting. Choose a winner at random & hey presto engagement a go go!

2. What is it?

Take some close-up pics of objects or ingredients you find in your venues & ask followers to guess what they are? Make sure it’s fairly obscure, but not too easy or too hard they won’t bother trying!

3. Competitions

Competitions are a great way to increase engagement, but you do need to ensure you stick within the Facebook competition rules. You can’t officially ask followers to share or tag themselves or others, however, you can still ask people to interact to win. I.e. Ask them to mention below who they’d like to share a date night with or a girly night out or someone you need to catch up with for lunch.

It’s a good idea to make the prize something new or that you’re specifically trying to promote i.e. a dish off a new menu or a new cocktail.
Why not ask them to ‘Design a cocktail’ for a new menu & the prize is to sample them on the house with a friend or come up with a new ‘Dish for the menu’?

This is a fab example of a competition from ‘The Bearded Sailor’ who asked followers to name their paddle which was donated to them by a customer & lived on their wall – ‘Paddle McGuinness’ was the winner – genius!

4. Polls

On a Facebook page you can conduct polls with 2 options, more if you have a Facebook group. Polls can just be a bit of fun such as ‘red or white wine?’ ‘brown or red sauce?’‘Sunday Lunch or Sunday Dinner?‘ or it could be the choice of 2 things you’re considering adding to the menu. You could offer more options by creating a normal post & asking people to choose option 1,2,3 or 4 or to vote using a particular reaction:

5. Questions

Use your Facebook page for some market research or just for fun by asking your followers questions. You can ask any number of questions to garner information.

It also shows that you are genuinely interested in what they have to say. You could just use a choice of 2 again, such as “Which is your favourite – ‘Espresso Martini or Pornstar Martini?” with images.


They can be open questions that genuinely help you out, such as “What would you like to see on our new menu?” “What events or offers float your boat?” “We’re considering putting on an Open Mic night, what do you think?”


Finally, I can’t finish this blog post without mentioning a big bug bear of mine & so easily solved….when venues don’t reply to comments on posts or reviews!

FOR GOODNESS SAKE INTERACT!! If someone asks you a question or comments on your posts then reply! You wouldn’t ignore someone if they were stood in front of you, so don’t on your Facebook posts!

If someone says they’d like to come to an event, but they can’t make it as they’re away, wish them a nice time, if someone tags someone in & says we must try here, respond cheekily with “Yes you should! #slightlybiased (winky face emoji) ” If someone says we need to book, respond with a “Would you like me to book that in for you now?”

You may not always feel comfortable responding in the above manner & that’s fair enough, however, ensure your personality comes across & at the very least you can react to comments & NEVER ignore questions.

So, to reiterate, try & include an engagement style post every week in your schedule.

Brainstorm some now.

What engagement style posts have you used that have worked well?