7 content types that work well in hospitality: No 1..

7 content types that work well in hospitality: No 1..

Following on from my last blog post and the talk I recently delivered at ‘MA500’ a Morning Advertiser conference in Leeds.  I am now going to share with you some of the best types of content for hospitality businesses to share on social media.

I came up with my own acronym for the types of posts that worked well, based around the word ‘POSTS’ (see what I did there!?)


P = People

O = Optical

S = Sneak peek

T = Talk Community (can also mean testimonials and topical)

S = Stories


Today I’m looking at P for PEOPLE.


“People connect with people not just brands”

Quite simply humanise your brand on social media whenever you can. The people (including your team, customers and suppliers) can be what differentiates you most from your competitors.

I have noticed that posts that include people are much more likely to get a higher engagement.

So what sort of things can you post?

  • Pictures and videos of your team members in action – i.e. Chef in the kitchen, bartender making a cocktail.
  • Don’t just have pictures of products on their own. Include people holding, drinking, eating them. Such as this post from Kobe, Horsforth:


  • Customers celebrating a special occasion or having a good time. Such as this post from Piccolinos, Ilkley.piccollinos-ilkley-celebration-pic
  • Pictures of suppliers delivering your products
  • Pictures of families playing games, children colouring
  • Pictures of regular customers and their stories
  • Entertainers in action such as videos of musicians
  • Pictures and introducing new team members.


There are endless ideas. Sit down now and brainstorm what you could use that incorporates ‘people’ more into your social media posts.

NB make sure you get the permission of those in the photo’s.

For more information on Social Media and how People Buy People can help your restaurant, bar, hotel or events venue please get in touch via beckyleach@pbpconsultancy.co.uk or give me a call on 07711999123.