7 Online tools & apps that will help you with your social media

7 Online tools & apps that will help you with your social media


I thought it might be useful to share with you some of the online tools & apps I use on a day to day basis that help me with clients social media. So here goes:

1. Canva

If you haven’t yet discovered ‘Canva’ you’re in for a treat. It’s brilliant for none designers who want to get creative. Create Facebook or Instagram posts, headers, events. collages etc in the correct sizing for your social. You can even ensure you use your branded colours & fonts, add icons, texts & more, all for free. This helps you create consistency and an identity. I wouldn’t personally recommend using overly designed images on Facebook as this can look overly promotional but, where relevant, it will make your feed look professional. It can work particularly well for creating Instagram feed themes that stand out.

Example of a post created in ‘Canva’:

2. Image Colour Picker

This is a new one I have just discovered, which is always exciting, when I was trying to identify the exact colour on a piece of artwork in order to ensure consistency. Go to ‘Image Colour Picker’ and just upload the image and click on the colour in question and it will tell you which colour it is so you can replicate, genius!

3. Pablo by Buffer

I use ‘Buffer’, currently, as my main social media scheduling tool as it is so simple to use (although I have tried many). They also have ‘Pablo by Buffer’ where you can create posts, but you don’t need a ‘Buffer’ account. I use it to search for images that can be used free of charge and are licensed to do so. (Never just take images off Google without having the rights, as this could come back and bite you in the bum!). I am not a big fan of stock photos for several reasons: 1. I think they are over used and can look common. 2. They might give the wrong impression of your products and services and leave your customer either underwhelmed or disappointed. 3. They don’t do as well as native/natural images on social, which customers tend to trust more. That said, there are the odd occasions when you have to use them for whatever reason, perhaps you are a new brand and don’t have any photography or access to any as yet. ‘Pablo by Buffer’ searches a number of different sites all under it’s umbrella, including Pixaby, Pexels and Unsplash.

You might also find this recent article helpful for finding others that lists a few places you can search:


Especially noting the FoodiesFeed for food based images.

4. Snapseed

Have you ever been sent or taken a photo that you have to use but that doesn’t look that great!? At the end of the day don’t use a photo that looks bad, no matter what, as it will give the wrong impression of your venue especially if it’s food or drink. You want to make people drool with your pics and want to them to feel like reaching into the photo to eat or drink the product in question. Ade Wilson (from McFade Photography and Shoot The Chef ) told me about ‘Snapseed’ which is a photo editing app you download. It’s easy to use and can help to edit those bad photos or even to make good ones look even better!

5. Online Video Converter

Facebook in particular doesn’t always like it when you use lots of links as it hates you leaving it’s platform (this doesn’t mean you can’t use any, just be selective), So, if you’ve got a video to share, maybe of a band or music playing at your venue, which is from Facebook or You Tube you can use ‘Online Video Converter’ to convert the link, and then embed them on your page instead of sharing.

6. Online Video Cutter

You want to ensure that your videos don’t have all that talking at the beginning or finish in the right place. Again, ‘Online Video Cutter’ is a handy tool to upload videos and easily cut where you want or cut to a more desired running time for your social media platform.

7. Quik

Ryan Mulhern from ‘First Frame Productions’ told me about the ‘Quik’ app which you download onto your phone. As long as you have all the content you need on your device, you can use it to piece together snippets of video to make one long one. You can also add aspects such as music to make it look more professional, once again great for amateurs like me!

These are just a few tools and apps there are loads more out there, I’m sure I could write a few more blog posts around this topic and probably will!

Do you have a favourite that you use? Let me know.

If you’d like anymore info on the above or how I can help you to become more confident and efficient with social media or for a free half an hour no strings chat, then please get in touch on 07711 999123 or beckyleach@pbpconsultancy.co.uk