Finger in the air time!?

Finger in the air time!?

When you post or schedule to Facebook do you post at strategic times or stick your finger in the air and post whenever!?

Be Honest!!

There are so many different reports out there telling you the optimum times to post, but in my experience the best time is when most of your fans are online. For my current hospitality clients that’s nearly always around 8/9pm, but it can vary on the day of the week and from business to business.


I’ve made a difference to an accommodation client’s Facebook reach just by changing this one simple thing.

HOW TO FIND OUT: Go into your insights, click posts and hover over the day of the week and make a note of the times, then try and post at these times for a few weeks to see if it makes a difference. Simples!

By The Way, Facebook in it’s wisdom recently changed this to a Pacific Time zone view and after speaking to them last week, there are no plans to change this for us folk in the UK! So you do need to do a bit of converting first! You can see from this screenshot below from one of my hospitality clients, their fans are mainly only at 12 Noon Pacific time which is in fact 8pm UK time!

While we’re at it, it’s pointless creating a few posts together and then nothing for ages. If you have few pieces of content or a series of events, schedule them out over time, they will have much more chance of being seen by more people.

So give it a try & let me know how you get on?

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