Hospitality is Back! – Tonnes of social media content ideas for Hospitality venues….

Hospitality is Back! – Tonnes of social media content ideas for Hospitality venues….

I’ve changed the title of my weekly blog post as now some parts of hospitality are re-open, we are back! I know there are still many venues that are unable to re-open (including some of my own clients) which is very frustrating. I also know that there have sadly been some casualties of the circumstances we’re in,  but I very much hope, that in general, this is a positive time now for hospitality 🤞.

If you did re-open, How did it go? I take my hat off to you all. I thought you all did an amazing job. Not an easy thing to do & I saw lots of great feedback about those of you that really got it right, in terms of communicating well with your customers via social media.

Quick bit of exciting news…. I’m super excited to let you all know that as a new ‘Selling Savvy’ Associate (with my social media hat on!) I’m delivering:


🔥 ‘Fire Up Your Facebook 5 Day Challenge’ 🔥
w/c 20th July
Alongside my fab colleague Kate Plowright.


Designed for hospitality & event venues. It’s jam packed with actions, top tips, daily live workshops, inspiration & more……to help you grow your understanding, your Facebook page & your engagement. Very interactive & informative.

In fact, I’ll eat my hat if you don’t come away with ideas that you can implement immediately! 💡🤔💭





It’s well worth bobbing over to ‘UK Hospitality’s’ website. They have all sorts of resources & guidelines that you might find useful & up to date articles on the latest news.

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Check out the latest ‘Hospitality Talks’ from ‘KAM Media’ & Katy Moses. These are 10 minute chats with operators & suppliers & are very insightful.

Another reminder, if you haven’t got yours yet, to apply for your ‘Good To Go’ industry standard. Very simple to do & great to share on your social media & in house.




Here is some of the content I’ve seen that I feel got it right this last week when prepping for re-opening, the build up & also when actually re-opened. CLICK ALL THE IMAGES TO BE TAKEN TO THE POSTS:

‘Grumpy’s’ in Farsley Leeds, are so good at including the ordinary things that are happening in their lives but taking us on the journey & showing us behind the scenes. Which followers find so interesting & buy into. How lovely was it of their landlord to pitch in? Shows community spirit & makes people smile.


Also here they are providing lunch for the NHS at St James Hospital Leeds. Such a lovely thing to do but again showing their personality & a good little bit of promo to boot!

Somewhere else showing us how they were prepping for opening were ‘Rafters’ in Sheffield.

They are brilliant at literally taking us every step of the way with them, no matter what they are doing. Makes you feel like you are part of it all:


Loved the way that both of these Guiseley (Leeds) venues showed us around how it looks now for customers & what to expect when they arrive. Helps to manage expectations & also showcases measures that will ensure people feel more comfortable visiting:


I also liked the innovative foot-controlled door & hand sanitiser at ‘Everybodys’ & the demo on just how easy it is to use (CLICK THE IMAGE TO WATCH THE VIDEO):

Loved this video from ‘Turtle Bay’ that showed the team & personality & the smiles behind the masks. Great idea: (CLICK THE IMAGE TO WATCH THE VIDEO):

Also, from Turtle Bay, I loved this clever re-purpose of old video content to show what it could be like this time tomorrow, when they are open: (CLICK THE IMAGE TO WATCH THE VIDEO):

Great social distancing team shot which looks welcoming from ‘The Ticket Office’:

Again, great use of people in their posts to help with expectations & also a warm welcome from ‘Rockliffe Hall’:


Loved this fun way of announcing re-opening from ‘Broadleys Bistro’:


Once open, there were some great posts such as the first pints being poured at ‘The Potting Shed’:


Also this story from ‘Everybodys’:


So important to show people in the venues so that others can see how it works & how they can feel safe & want to do the same!


The campsite at ‘Catgill’ with people enjoying themselves again:

‘Martinez Wine Bar’, Ilkley did it with a 360 image (CLICK TO WATCH THE 360 IMAGE):

So nice to see some of the great feedback that has come in & to say thank you to customers like ‘Everybodys’ in Guiseley did:



Head on over for the last few weeks ideas on my previous blog posts HERE.

This week your content needs to:

  • Be consistent, don’t go off the boil as you get busy. Use a content calendar & schedule in advance.


  • Showcase your products & services but not in an adverty, overly promotional way.


  • Continue to be focused around customer safety. Show more about your measures & what others have had to say.


  • Encourage customers to be your advocates. Ask for reviews on social media & Tripadvisor.


  • Ask for feedback via social media & maybe via a survey


  • Ask customers to check in & share their own images to your social media. Ask them to use a special hashtag.


  • Focus on: Fresh produce, suppliers & local community, customers in your venue enjoying themselves (social distancing of course!), the team, user generated content.


  • Continue to be heartfelt, honest, candid & yourselves.!!

Keep doing a fab job 🙂
Stay Safe. #keephospitalityalive and #keepsocialalive