Inspiration for hospitality re-opening social media posts

Inspiration for hospitality re-opening social media posts



If you’re opening in less than a week then you’ll be super busy & excited, I bet! Don’t forget to share that journey with your social media followers, whatever it is you’re doing, feeling, changing.


Here are some ideas for content you could share in the next week or so ( it’s certainly not exhaustive!):

Showcase what your Covid safety 🧷 measures will be & what to expect when customers arrive 👐

Any changes to menu, offerings. New opening hours etc. 🍴🕐

How to book, arrive, order. 📱

Billboards & banners saying you’re opening on 12th. 📖

What your outside space will look like. 🏡

Introduce any new team members since you were last open. 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

A pic of the team ready to open & how excited they are. 🧑‍🤝‍🧑🧑‍🤝‍🧑

Team member opening up the morning of the first day back. 🔓

Competitions to win for customers & 5 friends. 🏆

Staff training or any updates to the venue happening.

The first customer back in & customers in general enjoying their new found outside freedom, when you do open. 👪

Happy posting & best of luck with the re-opening, if you can.




Here are just come of the post examples of venues that are shouting from the rooftops their outside space is re-opening. I thought it was interesting to see how each different venue approaches it in terms of style, tone & text.

(There are a lot in & around Leeds & Yorkshire as that’s where I am based but would love to hear of any other places you think does stuff well?):

The Potting Shed in Bingley are celebrating re-opening with a great competition that did very well:

A client of mine based in the West Midlands: Bar Sport was lucky enough to be on the telly! There are lots of these styles of reports around so why not get in touch & offer to do a piece yourselves?

They also shared some great pics of their outside space and how to book. Make it as easy as possible for people to know how to book.

Ensure you tell everyone when you will actually be open especially if this is different from before! Alexanders in Skipton have some great outside space and is very popular with locals:

It’s also great to create a sense of urgency to make sure customers don’t miss out!:


Sometimes you need very few words, the pictures say it all like this post from Angelica in Leeds 

Love this from Rolands, again very few words needed:

If you get any local press or you can get together with any other venues close by then be sure to help each other & use it to promote your outside space, like this article in the Yorkshire Post that was shared by Manahatta, Leeds Merrion Street:

It’s also good to remind people how you will be operating. Using images of people enjoying the outside space in the sun helps them visualise themselves at your venues. Belgrave Music Hall, Leeds:

Again great visualization for Headrow House we can just picture ourselves there with an Aperol Spritz!:

There are some local pubs doing it really well such as the Beck and Call. Again short and sweet wording that says it all:

Nothing particularly unique about this post from Pairings Wine Bar just great local support. People really want to get back behind their local venues and I recommend using this to your advantage at the moment.

Grumpy’s in Farsley, as you may know are one of my fave social media peeps. They are showing some of the prep happening ready to re-open. There must be loads that you are doing, cleaning, training, planning – make sure you showcase it all on your social media.

Another lovely little display from a local pub who have showcased their setting well with pics that are inviting. Griffins Head (Papplewick)

Finally, just ending with a post I put out for a client a while back which did very well and feel opitimised how everyone was and is feeling. Anything that captures emotions and feelings will do well, so lookout for what you can use as inspiration on your personal social media platforms that are already doing well.

Everybody’s Guiseley:


Hope that gives you some inspiration. Stay safe and keep doing a fab job 🙂

If you fancy a ‘no strings attached’ chat about your social media, drop me a message on or give me a buzz on 07711 999123!