It’s not always about price and for goodness sake please take some ownership!!

It’s not always about price and for goodness sake please take some ownership!!

After some shocking sales and customer service I really had to put pen to paper or fingers to key board as it is these days!

We have been looking to change our TV, phone and broadband after being with the same company for donkeys years and stupidly thought the grass might be greener.

We have never had major problems over the years with the company we are with (let’s just say the sun lives there!) but we were lured with the excellent price and services the other company promised us (let’s just say Madonna sang about them!) So we decided to move.

We had installations set up for the new company who cancelled the night before and panicked me big time, as the broadband was due to cancel and working for myself mainly from home this would be a disaster.

I gave them the benefit of the doubt and re-booked them and waited in for them to come and install on the new date, but whilst I was waiting I got a call to say once again that the installation would not happen. Unbelievable and cue yet another mad panic about broadband and working!

In between all this I had asked for a new contract with the new installation date and had to jump through hoops to get it, as I was told it was automated and nobody had the authority to send it to me personally!

I called to complain and wanted compensation, an explanation and to speak to a manager, but I was told they didn’t have the ownership to compensate further and I couldn’t speak to a manager there and then, it would need to be escalated and they would call me within 3 working days!!

No call was made to me as it stands and I have cancelled our new company installation and stayed with where the sun lives!

Now this is plain old, poor customer service but the real key lessons to me are that although price is important and even though they were offering me a much better deal (5 extra services), this wasn’t enough and did not instil me with enough confidence to stick with them.

‘People Buy People’

and I didn’t buy into them, I lost confidence and did not trust them. If someone had taken some ownership and actually showed they cared about my business, it might have been different.

Don’t make the same mistakes! Customers choices are not always about just price but other factors such as customer service, flexibility, recognition and ownership.