Keep Hospitality Alive – Week 12: Social Media Content Ideas for Hospitality Businesses

Keep Hospitality Alive – Week 12: Social Media Content Ideas for Hospitality Businesses

We’re getting closer to being able to do what we love most & provide hospitality to all our lovely customers. It won’t quite be the same as before, but we can still embrace this positive change & use it to our advantage by ‘re-launching’ our venues.

Grab a cuppa or something stronger & see what I have found this week that will help you on your journey via social media. ‘Happy Reading’!




Here ‘s the round up of all the bits & pieces I have seen this last week that I thought might be of help to you…..

Just in case you’ve not got it yet (ha ha!!), this is the time to be pushing your business forward. This article from The Caterer talks to Chef patron at ‘The Angel at Hetton’ in my beautiful county of Yorkshire, about just that.

The third instalment in the ‘Future of Restaurants’ video series from Big Hospitality is another great watch. You can re-visit part 1 & 2 also here. Great insights into what the future might look like in the opinion of restaurant owners.

Every week the ‘Morning Advertiser’ Editor, Ed Bedington, reviews the biggest news stories from the pub sector – Check out ‘The Weekend News Bulletin for Pubs – 30th and 31st May’.

There are some great resources out there that you can use for reference if you’re struggling to know where to start. Like this SOP for re-opening that ‘Tattu’ have pulled together. I thought it was really well put together & might inspire you hospitality peeps when creating your own.

If you’re looking to build confidence & trust in your followers then this is a great idea. ‘Quality in Tourism’ has a ‘Safe Clean and Legal’ accreditation for tourism and hospitality businesses. It is EHO approved & can be shared on social & displayed in house to give reassurances to customers. For more info CLICK HERE. They also have B&B, Glamping and self-catering accreditation’s and are currently working on restaurant and bars.



I wanted to mention a hotel that is owned by two former Marriott colleagues of mine, Kristy and Chris; ‘The Wisteria Hotel’, Oakham.

Firstly, people love to see nature, interesting facts and beautiful images, so this ticks all of these boxes. Such a simple post but so effective:


I’ve talked about, taking your customer on the journey with you, many times before. It creates confidence and trust. ‘Grumpy’s’ in Farsley have started to show us some of the measures they are taking to get ready for re-opening and to reassure their followers:


Again, ‘The Wisteria Hotel’ are showing us, by video, that they have been completing further training on cleanliness, which will also build trust with followers and give a behind the scenes insight. (CLICK THE IMAGE TO WATCH THE VIDEO)



‘Healing Manor’ in Lincolnshire have put together this fab video which showcases all that they and the community have been doing. As well as a thank you to all the key workers, suppliers etc. A brilliant idea: (CLICK THE IMAGE TO WATCH THE VIDEO)



Also showcasing their community spirit are ‘Humblebee Farm’ with this shout out to other local businesses and suppliers:



‘Healing Manor’ are back taking us on their journey and letting us know that they hope to have their grounds open soon for picnics etc. It’s a great piece of content, as not only does it do this well, but it also showcases their amazing land .They even have a question in there to boot, to encourage engagement!:



‘Catgill Farm – Bolton Abbey’ had a great idea to showcase their pods by asking followers to guess which timber pod Oliver was in. This will inspire people to book and also encourages engagement: (CLICK THE IMAGE TO WATCH THE VIDEO)



People posts always do well and showing the people behind a venue really helps you stand out – People Buy People! Kristy and Chris at ‘The Wisteria Hotel’ shared their recent good news with followers, which will have generated lots of warm and fuzzy emotions:



Talking of warm and fuzzy, Luna the puppy arrived at Catgill and ,what can I say, a cute animal will always do well! No random cat or dog videos though, it needs to be authentic and relevant to your venue!



‘The Coniston Hotel’ near Skipton made the most of #englishtourismweek by posting something different daily. I particularly loved this post as it showcased lots of the team and people at the venue. A happy confident team = happy, confident customers.



Finally, ‘Rafters Sheffield’ not only created a fab ‘Dine at Home’ menu but got some PR to boot and then shared that on their social media! A triple whammy!:




I’m sure you’ve been inspired loads already with those ‘PBP Post Picks’, but just in case you need more, head on over for the last few weeks ideas on my previous blog posts HERE.

Here are some you could try based on the above & more:

  • Is there any history behind the name of your venue? What was it previously?


  • What new measure for health, safety & hygiene & to reassure customers are you working on? i.e. layouts, online & at table ordering, sanitiser, table distancing, disposable menus etc.


  • What extra training are you & the team completing or accreditation’s you are working towards that are connected to the extra measures?


  • What have your wider local community done during lockdown? Can you get together & showcase?


  • Shout-outs to not only suppliers but also to other competitors & local businesses trading.


  • Ask social media followers to complete a survey about re-opening.


  • What personal happy news can you share? Completion of training, awards, new pets, new arrivals, personal achievements during lockdown etc.


  • Start to pull together some tea profiles & tell followers a little more about the people behind your brand – often your number 1 USP. People Buy People!


  • Start thinking of ways you can encourage customers to return.perhaps giving extra vouchers away when a certain amount is purchased. I.e. Buy £20 and get £30 worth to spend.


  • Look at topical things going on across the country & also National Days you could utilise. It would have been Wimbledon at the end of June for example: Could you do some Pimms & Afternoon Tea packages?

Remember above all else keep being heartfelt, honest, candid & yourselves. With lots of people pics & those that generate emotions.

We can do this peeps, nearly there now!

Stay Safe. #keephospitalityalive and #keepsocialalive


Becky x