Keep Hospitality Alive! Week 2 – Social Media Content Ideas for Hospitality during lockdown

Keep Hospitality Alive! Week 2 – Social Media Content Ideas for Hospitality during lockdown



Well I had my content nearly all ready to go for this week’s blog with loads of delivery ideas but that has now been kyboshed by Bo Jo!

Hey ho we all know it’s for the best & I’ll just save them all for when they relax things again. Instead I am going to simply focus on giving you ideas of what content you can post to keep your ‘Social Alive’ whilst you’re closed.

It may not seem important at this time but it will be the key when you are back up & running. Keep in people’s minds, don’t let them forget about you! Even if you just post a few times a week instead of the usual daily content.

What the chuff can I post though Becky? I hear you cry!

This is where you become super creative!!




Here are some of the bits & pieces I have come across from experts in our field on social, marketing & more. I thought you might find these useful or at least give you food for thought (no pun intended!). Again, I had loads of stuff collated that’s now not so relevant, but there are a few links below that I’m sure will benefit you still.

Firstly, if you’re a hotel or hospitality business it may be worth you signing up to E-Hotelier’s newsletters.

They have a Coronavirus awareness free course for hotels, it may now be a little out of date but I’m sure they will keep updating it: E Hotelier – Free Coronavirus awareness course for Hotels

I strongly advise all of you to sign up to this! Facebook has followed the Government’s lead & just announced that they’re going to give you the chance to share a $100M Facebook Ads budget to market your business.


There are lots of new groups that have popped up for small businesses & hospitality on Facebook. I recommend you join some of these as there are a lot of good ideas floating around on them. This is a good one to join ‘The Food Marketing Hub’

If you come across any articles, groups, emails etc around hospitality you think might benefit others please do let me know so I can include.




Although not as many to show you now that we’re on lockdown, I’ve included some that just might give you inspiration.

Posts from the heart that show emotion & generate emotion in your followers will always do well. Throwback posts are also great, think key past events, dates & posts. Like this great post from Grumpy’s in Farsley, Leeds:


Grumpy’s also shared this post which is happening this Thursday, great to share the actual event to show support, but also get some video’s of your team clapping for the NHS. It could be pre-recorded & put together, or you can ask them to show themselves actually doing it at the time & get them to ask a partner to film them at home.


Another from Grumpy’s, in fact last week I recommended you followed Rafters in Sheffield who I felt had nailed social media & I would encourage you to do the same for Grumpy’s who have I feel have also got this spot on!

When they completed their last delivery they did this perfect post which I felt had the right combination of emotion, gratitude & people!:


If you’re closed, can you do something with left over food that will help the community? (within the lockdown restrictions of course) Like 14 Hills in London did:


Martinez Wine Bar & Shop in Ilkley are posting daily isolation wine video’s that involve a selection of their wines, then offering free delivery. A fab idea for social even if it just showcases what they offer. Click here to view the video.


Whilst you’re closed you can create some competitions that keep your followers engaged. This one was posted before the closures but it’s a good idea from Pearls Tearoom & Patisserie


Why not carry on with some competitions & then keep a log of the prize winners so they have something to look forward to when you re-open? Alibi Halifax do a weekly cocktail of the week & win which is continuing during their closure:



Now that we have had to close make sure you say thank you & goodbye from the heart. Show the people behind the venue where you can. Also tell people how they can continue to support you. Like this post from Shan’s Cabaret Bar in Yate near Bristol.



So now you have been told to close it doesn’t mean that your social has to also. This is the time to focus on it more & keep your venue very much alive via social. Think of it as your online shop window!

Here are a few other things you could do (some are in addition to the ideas I shared last week so make sure you make a big list!):

  • Promote your gift vouchers & consider giving extra i.e. Buy £30 worth & we’ll throw in an extra £10, so you get £40! See what Gusto are doing HERE. Research ways for people to buy these online.


  • Thank your top fans on Facebook & give them a shout out (see community tab on your page)


  • If you have regular live music or DJ’s you could pull together a Mixcloud or playlist of the type of tunes they/you usually play for people to listen to at home, or ask a band to do a live stream from their home on Facebook Live or Instagram, or ask fans to tell you what they would put on a “cheer us all” up playlist?


  • Ask your chef to put together either daily/weekly videos on how to make dishes or do a Facebook Live &/or Q&A from their kitchen at home. If they are camera shy ask them to share recipes followers can make at home easily with only a few ingredients. Think Ready, Steady Cook!


  • Ask your Bars Manager to create some videos on how to make certain cocktails or G&T’s at home or do a Live Masterclass!


  • Include a ‘Throwback Thursday’ of key events or funny posts


  • Create weekly mini competitions so followers have something to look forward to when you re-open


  • Ask your team, wherever they are, to join in the ‘Clap for NHS’ at 8pm on Thursday 26th. SEE MORE INFO You could ask them to do this in advance at home & send to you to pull together into one video., or ask the kids to do it with you when you’re at home & post to your social.


  • Share any great recent reviews you have had especially if you did something special for Mother’s Day or deliveries, & don’t be afraid to ask followers to write you some reviews to show their support.


Above all else keep being heartfelt & include people in your posts, ‘the people behind the venue’. It’s not just a building these are warm, friendly hospitality people who work their socks off & who’s livelihood is at risk. ‘People Buy People’!!

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We can do this peeps & come out fighting the other side!

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Take Care

Becky x