My Round Up of Hospitality, Food & Drink ‘Spot On’ Social Media Posts!…

My Round Up of Hospitality, Food & Drink ‘Spot On’ Social Media Posts!…




I’m back!! I’ve been super busy these last few months with all my lovely hospitality, events, food & drink clients all of which have woken up to the fact that they need to have good social media presences – Hallelujah!!¬†ūüéČ

This week I have included three of my fave social media accounts ūüíē. Rockliffe Hall, Catgill Farm and Grumpy’s in Farsley. I have put a wee foot note on each¬†one as to why I think the posts work well and to inspire¬†you.

Let me know if you come across any you love or if you use any of the ideas and get some good results.

Happy posting!!




I’m going to start with one of my fave accounts ever! Grumpy’s in Farlsey. I love these guys so much because they are sooooo authentic¬†and super honest about who they are, what is happening in their¬†business¬†and life and taking people on their journey with them. It makes them so relatable¬†and for people to want to buy from them. ‘People Buy People’!!¬†Check out some of their recent posts below:


How can you take people on your journey? How can you portray how you feel? How can you make your posts stand out and have a cheeky edge or a bit of fun and not just the bog standard pic? Can you be more honest?

I should say they do also post pics of their lovely food interspersed amongst these types of posts!


Next up, Rockliffe Hall. They have an amazing following which does help but all credit to them and their content too. They really use their venue and location to their full advantage. They prove that there is literally content there at your fingertips if you just look. They are also great at showcasing the people in their business.



Look around your venue or business, What is there that you can use on your doorstep? What views are there? If it snows use it to your advantage, if it’s sunny use that too. Do you have interesting objects or grounds? Interesting premises, local areas?¬†What can you share about your team? Fun facts? Their favourite of your products? Their hobbies? What are they doing during lockdown?


Finally, this week Catgill Farm Campsite, an account managed by a lovely friend and colleague of mine. They are great at mixing up the types of content they use. Again, they are lucky they have the stunning location and lots of sources for their content, but still they do the best with what they have, most definitely. If in doubt animals always do well (as long as it is relevant, no random dog and cat memes and videos please!)


Do you have any animals that you could include in your posts? Family pets? Maybe they are always grabbing your attention when you’re supposed to be working like my puddy cat, Sammy?! Do you keep chickens? Are you close to stunning countryside?


Oh and I did include another snow pic just because we had snow in Yorkshire didn’t you know? I’m always chuffed when it snows as I immediately think “Ah content ideas a go go!” Such as this one I¬†did years ago for a client that I work with, plus it ended up in The Yorkshire Post online! (You don’t have to go to these extremes, by the way!)



Hope that gives you some inspiration. Stay safe and keep doing a fab job ūüôā

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