My round up of hospitality social media top picks!

My round up of hospitality social media top picks!

I’ve been away for a few weeks. Have you missed me?! I’m back now to round up all things hospitality & social media for you & bring you some post picks that I’ve seen during that time.


This week I came across a few articles & posts I thought might be of interest:

Whether you have business physically in your hotel or not. One thing you can be doing is building up your database. Here EHotelier give us some tips on how to do this at the moment: ‘Here’s a better way to grow your hotel email list in 2020’

There is tonnes out there analysing the ‘Eat Out To Help Out’ scheme & how successful it was with opinions & feedback. Here are a few of the articles I came across:

‘Three quarters of Brits want EOTHO extended’ – The Morning Advertiser
‘Meals enjoyed through Eat Out to Help Out tops 64m’ – The Morning Advertiser
‘Eat Out to Help Out has been a success – but I hope restaurants don’t have to discount for too long’ – I News
‘Beyond Eat Out to Help Out – What’s Next for Restaurants’ – Big Hospitality
‘Customer Sentiment Tracker’ They take a deep dive into how the scheme has impacted customer sentiment- KAM Media

There is also these top tips from Mark McCulloch who is a hive of information & ideas: ‘EAT OUT TO HELP OUT IS OVER… NOW WHAT?’



It’s a bumper edition of post picks this week!!

Here are some of my fave pieces of content that I have seen on hospitality social media. JUST CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO SEE THE FULL POST

It might sound obvious but share everything that is happening in your venue/business. Including the sad situations like when a member of staff leaves. Not only is it a chance to say thank you but it shows your human side too. Such as this post from ‘Hub-Vybe’ in Ilkley:

There is a lot of sad news out there at the moment with closures & redundancies. There are some venues closing but some are going onto other things & being replaced by new hospitality businesses. Two businesses in my village of Rawdon, Leeds are doing this & although it’s sad to see them go, I wish them loads of luck in their new ventures.

The ‘Billing Team Room’ which is literally opposite me has moved to Headingley. Very sad, as I now don’t have anywhere to pop over to & I have fond memories of my daughters parties etc there when they were younger. However, the owner, Selina is moving to another part of Leeds. It’s always good to say thank you & goodbye on social media & make it heartfelt. This also promotes her new venue – taking customers on the journey with her:

Similar with ‘Brown’s Green’, also in Rawdon. Which is being taken over by a new business. You can really feel the emotion & honesty in this post:

As well as closures, it is nice to see new venues popping up too. Really pleased for the ladies at ‘Wildcraft Bakery’ who now have their very own venue! So excited to visit their ‘Gluten Free’ establishment, as I know how good their doughnuts are! They really did take us on the journey with them:

Somewhere that hasn’t been open very long is ‘Lamberts Bar’ in Horsforth. Instead of trying to hide any teething problems they’ve had, they are being transparent & honest, which I think endears people to them, plus a nice food image really helps!:

Lots of places are saying thank you for support over the ‘Eat Out To Help Out’ period but also just in general, in this tough time for all. Really loved this personal post from ‘Elsworth Kitchen’ in Skipton:

We’ve talked about looking back on events & occasions before, but this is a great idea from ‘Sift Cafe’ in Otley who have put together a collage of all the cakes they made since re-opening. What pics could you round up since re-opening? Maybe followers pics? Cocktails made? Reviews received? etc.

Throwback to awards are a good reminder to your followers about just how good you are, like this one from ‘Grumpy’s’:

Then there are new awards that need shouting about: ‘Wisteria Hotel’ quite rightly boast about their Tripadviser Travellers Choice Award:

Don’t forget to share your reviews too. No better way to promote what you do than getting someone else to do it on your behalf. There are many ways you can do this. Sharing a link is probably the least effective, but screen shots or highlighting exerts is a great way of doing it like ‘Rafters’ in Sheffield:

Really liked the way that the ‘Soap Factory’ in Leeds got people excited about the return of their Bottomless Brunch! First there was the teaser….

Then they went in with a fabulous picture of it all laid out, that would lure me in, for sure!:

Don’t forget to use your followers content too, instead of always relying on gathering your own. This is shown by ‘Grumpy’s’ who shared this pic of pizzas that a follower had posted. So much more authentic:

Finally, with all the uncertainty still & more restrictions being announced, it is still vital that you share at least once a week why you are the safe choice for customers. I loved this Facebook Live of the regular fogging that ‘Everybodys’ in Guiseley are doing. CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO WATCH THE VIDEO:

Hope that gives you some inspiration. Stay safe & keep doing a fab job 🙂

If you want to chat to me at all about your social media please drop me a line on I would love to look at how I might be able to help you, no hard sell, I promise!