PBP Post Picks – Your round up of all things hospitality social media

PBP Post Picks – Your round up of all things hospitality social media

Here is my roundup from the last couple of weeks on all things hospitality social media related & some ideas for you.




This week I came across a few articles & posts I thought might be of interest:

If you’re in the events business I’m not going to attempt to share the latest news and guidelines as they seem to be forever changing and would probably be out of date before this hit your in box! However, I would recommend following the HBAA and MIA for all the latest information, summarised well.

Are you a restaurant or café and taking part in the ‘Eat Out to Help Out’? If not, you can find out all about it and get the promotional materials here. If you are, shout it from the rooftops!! This lowdown from ‘Big Hospitality’ might also help.

If you’re a hotelier or in the travel industry this might be of interest from ‘Little Hotelier’: A Special COVID-19 Edition of Little Hotelier’s Changing Traveller Report, they surveyed 500 local citizens to understand how their plans, behaviour and preferences have changed since the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Another really good, quick read from ‘E-Hotelier’: ‘Humanising hotel brands during COVID-19’ and the fact that it could encourage tourists to return. This discusses not only the safety measures but the human side and the positive impact this can have for your business.

‘KAM Media’ have set up a new resources section on their website offering research, insights and opinions for the hospitality industry.

Still time to download the ‘Hotel Re-opening Toolkit’ from’ Cendyn’. They also have some other great resources and it’s well worth signing up to their email database.

Although U.S based (so the restrictions and guidelines differ), this article from ‘E-Hotelier’ is a great read: ‘What’s Next For Meetings and Events?’ With some ideas of how you can adapt as a venue, removing barriers and how you can get up to date with all the tech.

If you’re looking to attract more domestic travellers this guide from ‘Little Hotelier’ is very useful: The hotelier’s essential guide to recovery: Coronavirus (COVID-19) and domestic tourism




Here are some of my fave pieces of content that I have seen on hospitality social media in the last couple of weeks with some ideas. JUST CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO SEE THE FULL POST

I loved the way that the ‘Village Hotel’ Wirral announced that their Starbucks was back open. Instead of the typical picture of a coffee, they created a video using one of the team members. Not only that but they also got him to sign what he was saying, brilliant. Can you make an announcement in a different way? CLICK THE IMAGE TO WATCH THE VIDEO:



If you’re celebrating any form or milestone then shout about it, just like ‘Elsworth Kitchen’, Skipton did. A nice image of you or the team always works well. They combined this with a competition too, which did very well. Although, be careful asking your followers to do too much and asking followers to tag etc as it’s not really allowed under Facebook guidelines and asking them to do too much may put some people off from entering:

Loved this idea from ‘Grumpy’s’ in Farsley. Another creative way to make money. This time utilising their beer garden for Al Fresco Bingo and comedy. They created a funky video to promote it too. It was also great that they did this in collaboration with another local business. What unique ideas can you come up with that would increase revenue but also get’s you noticed? Can you get together with any local businesses and help each other out? CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW TO WATCH THE VIDEO:

Don’t forget to shout out about your awards and achievements. ‘Rafters’ Sheffield did just that with this amazing accolade. This can include accreditation’s such as hygiene certificates, TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence, local awards and your teams personal achievements.:


Somewhere else also shouting about themselves (as they should be) in the press was ‘Healing Manor’ in Lincolnshire. This gives great kudos for the venue. Don’t forget to share any form of publicity you receive on your social platforms:


I also loved this fab, fun video from ‘Rafters’ of the chef dancing in the kitchen whilst wearing PPE! It shows personality, a sense of fun, behind the scenes and safety measures, all in one! CLICK THE IMAGE TO WATCH THE VIDEO. What fun videos can you pull together using your team? Do any of them have particular talents you can showcase?:

Great to see places supporting each other, such as this fab idea from ‘Healing Manor’ where they give a shout out to their recommended wedding suppliers. Can you share information about your suppliers? Such as those that supply ingredients, drinks, flowers etc:

I just had to include this post from ‘Grantley Hall’. I appreciate that this is a special event but don’t forget if you have anyone local that is either a celebrity or a local hero to focus on them, especially if they visit you. Could you event invite them in for a free meal and receive some PR in the process?:

If you are dog friendly, don’t forget to include a ‘Dog/Pooch of the week’ on your weekly content calendar, like ‘The Potting Shed’, Bingley. Who doesn’t love to see a cute pup in their news-feed? Owners also love to see their pets and it shows in a simple way, that you welcome dogs:

I really loved the wording on this post and the tongue in cheek statement. ‘Rudding Park’ is stunning and it is clearly not ‘Grim up North’! Share beautiful pictures of your venue and surrounding area but make sure you keep it simple and don’t use overly promotional language:


Great bit of fun content from ‘Out of the Woods’ in Leeds. Showing personality, fun and safety measures all in one go! Can you get some nice pics of your team in their PPE?:


If you have something new to show off then do it with bells on. ‘The Ticket Office’ in Ilkley have a new pop up pizzeria and have been talking about it all week. Nothing better though than actually seeing it in action rather than just standard pics of pizzas (nothing wrong with these to get your belly rumbling, by the way. It’s just good to have a mix of types of posts to promote a new product or service):

Hope that give you some inspiration. Stay safe and keep doing a fab job 🙂