Struggling to know what to post? Here’s what I suggest…….

Struggling to know what to post? Here’s what I suggest…….

Is this you?….

If so, my suggestion to you is a ‘topic of the day’. This makes life so much easier and you can build up a library of content that can be used at the drop of a hat.

For example, a sample week on Facebook for your restaurant business could be:


Monday: Meet the team

Tuesday: Dog of the week

Wednesday: What is it Wednesday?

Thursday: Video – i.e. chef’s tip of the week, making something, bartender showing you how to make a cocktail

Friday: Food

Saturday: Drinks

Sunday: Local community/events/promotions


Meet The Team…….


Dog of the week…..


What is it Wednesday?…….



Once you know what you are going to post each day you can start to gather content accordingly. i.e. once a month creating 4 x Meet the team with some fun questions and pics. 4 x Video’s all shot at the same time etc.


It saves time and stops you stressing, it also shows consistency on your page and to your fans.”


I would however, with the exception maybe of “What is it Wednesday?”, not state the topic of the day on your posts for fans to see i.e. ‘Food Friday’, it only needs to be understood internally and may make no sense to your fans, plus takes up valuable text space!

The above topics could be amended to include all sorts. i.e. testimonials & reviews day, food or drinks related quotes day etc. They are also easily adapted for other areas of tourism & hospitality i.e. local places to visit day, fun fact of the week day, how to make….. day (beds, poached egg, fold a napkin etc) for a hotel. Just make sure they include a good mixture of inspirational, educational, engaging and entertaining content.

Spend a short time coming up with your topics and then start gathering content. Let me know how it goes?

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