Why work with a freelance social media consultant (me!) & not a digital agency?

This isn’t about dissing digital agencies as I know of many that are brilliant at what they do (As well as those that take a great deal of money for not a lot, but then the same can be said for some social media Freelancers as well!)

I don’t profess to know all that a digital agency does and there are certainly big advantages (if you have the budget), but that’s a big ‘IF’ as not everyone does, yet you still want to get the best value and a good return.

This blog post was inspired by a chat last week with a very good digital agency at an event we were both exhibiting at, when I asked: ” How has your day gone?” He said: “There have been 1 or 2 good leads but most people only had a few hundred pounds budget and no offence but they’re probably better off speaking to you!” Errrr, none taken, in fact, I’d be happy to!!

This got me thinking about the key advantages of working with a freelance social media consultant and more specifically me!


I can accommodate most budgets, obviously the cost depends on the amount of work! For example, I can show you how to improve your social media results and give you the tools to do this yourself.

It’s kept simple. No need to go in depth on all the jargon if it’s not necessary, I can show you the fundamentals to begin with, the big hitters, the quick wins! Then you can build on that further when you have the time, budget or confidence.

It’s much more personal. I spend time getting to know your business in a more in depth way, putting together bespoke training and recommendations at the level you are comfortable with and I am always on hand afterwards for support.

In an uncertain, dare we say, ‘Brexit’ Britain, you might not want to invest a lot in your social media or take on permanent team members and all that brings with it, so a freelancer is perfect.

I focus on the main areas one at a time, so it’s not overwhelming. It also means I am more of an expert on my subject, and on top of this because I specialise in a sector I understand, (the tourism and hospitality business) I know what works well and what does not!

What are your experiences and thoughts on freelance v digital agencies?

Get in touch for a ‘No Strings Attached’ chat to see if and how I can help you with your social media:

beckyleach@pbpconsultancy.co.uk or 07711999123