Your round up of all things hospitality social media….

Your round up of all things hospitality social media….

Here is my roundup from the last couple of weeks on all things hospitality social media related & some ideas for you. So grab a cuppa or a stronger drink & have a look through.

I’m having a wee break now for a couple of weeks, so the next blog post will be a little later than usual. I’ll see you back here all refreshed (hopefully!!).




This week I came across a few articles & posts I thought might be of interest:

For all those in Leeds & Yorkshire (& those that aren’t too for that matter!) ‘Welcome To Yorkshire’ have collated all their previous webinars & Visit Britain webinars too with tonnes of great advice for hospitality & tourism businesses.

Are you taking part in the Eat Out To Help Out scheme? ‘The Morning Advertiser’ explains how you can claim back discount

A few fundamental but important points from ‘E-Hotelier’ on ‘COVID 19: Making your hotel business future-ready’. Includes discussing the shift in brand loyalty & engaging with your team. Well worth a few mins of your time to read over.

If you’re a hotel that sends out email marketing 📧 (if you don’t, why not?!). This free resource from ‘Cendyn’ will help with ‘Email design best practices for hotels’ including showing you how to stand out from your competitors and stay front of mind 🤯 with subscribers too

Finally, ‘Big Hospitality’ round up some of the top news 📰 in hospitality every Friday so we don’t have to! CLICK for last week’s.




Here are some of my fave pieces of content that I have seen on hospitality social media in the last couple of weeks with some ideas. JUST CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO SEE THE FULL POST

It’s so important to say thank you to your followers as often as possible, as without them you wouldn’t have a business! Simple thank you’s with a bit of background & honesty such as this from ‘Alexanders’ in Skipton:


What can you do to say thank you? Make it part of your monthly strategy. Also, how can you keep your followers up to date with what is happening at your venue?

If you have a milestone or Birthday then don’t forget to share it. Followers will be more than happy to help you celebrate: Such as this post from ‘Sift’ in Otley, who not only shared this celebration date but also showed us a bit of the history surrounding their building:



Similarly, this post from ‘Toast’ in Ilkley:


I loved this behind the scenes video from ‘Grumpy’s’ which also shows off the fact they make their own dough (and at midnight because they are fully booked) – which shows their popularity. CLICK THE IMAGE TO WATCH VIDEO:

What can you show that is behind the scenes of your venue? Making something? preparing something? Buying something etc.

Also from ‘Grumpy’s’ sometimes simplicity is the key & just says it all. This pic makes you want to be there, in that beer garden with an ice cold drink & it would definitely inspire you to go soon!:

I also loved the simplicity of this next post from ‘Catgill’. Showing the beautiful sunrise. Again it makes you want to be there witnessing it.

What views or simple images could you post that ‘just says it all’?

It goes without saying that you should be posting food images (if you serve food) & if you’re going to put a picture on social media make sure that it looks good. A picture paints a thousand words & this one made my belly rumble from ‘Healing Manor’, it looks so good!:

Gather some drool inducing images of your food or get in a professional to do it for you. Never use sub-standard images. Be honest & think would that inspire me to eat that? Don’t be tempted to use stock images either for sooo many reasons (A bug bear of mine!)