Your weekly round up of all things Hospitality Social Media….

Your weekly round up of all things Hospitality Social Media….

Hope everyone has had a good last couple of weeks since I last wrote my blog? Now that Hospitality is Back, in the main I need a new name for my email & blog, any ideas? Let me know!

Here is my roundup from the last couple of weeks on all things hospitality social media related.



This week I came across a few articles & posts I thought might be of interest:

‘The Staff Canteen’ spoke to Tom Kerridge & asks ‘Is the government doing enough for hospitality?’. Take a look at this interesting debate.

Are you a restaurant that is having trouble with no-shows? You will have more than likely have seen the discussions about ‘no-shows’ discussed in this article: ‘Industry responds to restaurant no-shows’. Also a good idea to share on your social media to garner support from customers & explain how it might impact you.

Some great topics of discussion from Katy & KAM Media here, including the fact that some home-workers might be looking for places to go during the day to work, that online is here to stay & that sustainability will continue to be important.

Although you may already be re-open the Cendyn ‘Hotel Re-opening Kit’ is a free resources & worth looking over.




There are still lots of places gradually opening up & extra services being added all the time.

Here are some of the best pieces of content I’ve spotted this last couple of weeks. CLICK ON THE IMAGES TO BE TAKEN TO THE ACTUAL POSTS:

Grumpy’s in Farsley showed the venue fully ready to re-open:


They then showed us in a brilliant video that really showed their personality ‘We are open – the mini-series’: (CLICK THE  IMAGE TO WATCH THE VIDEO):



Rafters in Sheffield showed them getting back to work. People in posts do so much better than just standard, boring images;



Loved the way ‘Salami & Co’ announced their re-opening using the dog looking out of the window. Great idea & different, so it stands out. (They are dog friendly of course!):



Making a proper occasion out of re-opening ‘The Grand’, York. with the town crier:



Loved the idea of focusing on the first guests & featuring them on their social media from ‘The Malmaison’ in Liverpool:



Also starting to re-open are some of the other facilities in hotels including spa’s. This post showed great fun & personality:



New things can be announced in so many different ways. Showing off the new clubhouse with a virtual tour is a great idea from Rockliffe Hall: (CLICK THE IMAGE TO WATCH THE VIDEO):



Popalong, a local cafe to me show their new ice creams with Hazel the owner holding one & showing personality. Much better to have people in images, where you can:



Remember to take them on your journey. Wildcraft have a new toy which they’re proud to show off! ( CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW TO WATCH THE VIDEO):



Finally, I wanted to finish off with a fun post designed purely for engagement. ‘Everybodys’ in Guiseley. I think it could have been improved by using actual shots from in house of the options:






Head on over for the last few weeks ideas on my previous blog posts HERE.

  • Continue weekly to include a focus around customer safety. Show more about your measures & what others have had to say. Show your customers reviews & in your venues.


  • Don’t be afraid to show personality & where possible include people in your content.


  • Include posts that encourage engagement such as questions that make people think, polls & choices where people can give their opinion.


  • Show off any new products or services you are offering physically by demonstrating them in action or by a virtual showround.

Keep doing a fab job 🙂

Becky x